SEO with a focus on link building

People often ask us questions or have misconceptions about what we offer to them. That’s why we wrote an introduction to what we do, which factors we influence and how the whole collaboration works.

We do SEO with a focus on link building

This means that we primarily increase relevant traffic from search engines. We do not influence sales, conversion rate, etc.
Or to clarify we do not influence them directly.

Our work begins with the client’s website itself. There is usually no point in doing link building if the website has basic SEO flaws. Problems with indexing and duplicate content are typical. These issues prevent search engines from seeing the site well. Any link building would be less effective or completely useless on such a site. If we start working together, we always do an SEO audit beforehand with a recommendation to correct errors.

What is necessary and what is not?

  • SEO audit necessary
  • Link-building strategy necessary
  • Definition of Persona (desired visitor) upon discussion with the client
  • Keyword analysis upon discussion with the client
  • Competition analysis upon discussion with the client
  • Link building – upon discussion with the client

Link building – how it works

It is not just link building as many people think. Linkbuilding is about establishing long-term cooperation (linking) with other websites.

For successful link-building, you always need to create a link-building strategy. It cannot be done without a strategy. If you want to use our services, creating a strategy will be one of our first steps.

Is link building right for me? 

Many website owners surely ask this question. Linkbuilding is not easy and it is time-consuming.
The minimum time needed for it to make sense is to dedicate to it 15 hours per month. We recommend cooperation for at least a year so that link-building has time to show its results. For smaller clients, we only offer strategy creation + consultation. The client then handles the link building application himself according to the instructions in the strategy.

When will you see the results?

 On-page factors – SEO
(headings, text, robots.txt and other parameters of a bunch of others) – the results show themselves relatively quickly in the order of several days to weeks. 

Off-page factors – link building

The results become apparent after about half a year (on average, it may vary).