One-time Analysis


A persona is a user for whom the website was created and a persona creates a conversion. And it is the personas you want to bring to your website because they will appreciate the content of the website and bring you money.

What can personas help you with?

Creating (or identifying) a persona will help in all future online activities. You will exactly know who to target, where people are on the Internet, what they are interested in and how to reach them.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO is a dirty word for some, but it’s a livelihood for us. There is no point in doing link-building for a website that does not have proper SEO. That’s why we’d better check it for you.

How can SEO help you?

Thanks to a properly set SEO, the website will be easily readable by search engine robots and will appear properly in the search results.

Let’s take an example: Your website has 355 pages, but the search engine will display, for example, only 100 pages. Where is the error? That’s right, in SEO. Your 255 pages are not showing up in search and you are losing traffic.

AKW (Keywords analysis)

A keyword analysis is usually the most extensive document or table that we make. Why? Because it contains all the relevant keywords that are related to your website.

To make it easier to navigate the table of the analysis, you will also receive a separate document with it, where the analysis outputs are clearly written and define how to deal with the phrases specifically.

What can AKW help you with?
Based on AKW, you will know what phrases to use on the site. You will know how to create/change the structure of the website, and what phrases to put in titles, headings and page descriptions. In addition, you get inspiration for content that Personas are interested in and want to read about.

Link profile analysis 

Are links to your site from authoritative or malicious sites? Do only the catalogues themselves link to the website, or does a blogger too? Do a lot of links lead from the footer of the sites or are they placed nicely in the body of the page? And how is the competition? Link profile analysis will answer these questions and will show other elements.

How does link profile analysis help you?
You will find out whether there are “good” links to your website, whether they have the appropriate text and whether it would be better to delete some links and avoid potential problems.

At the same time, you will find out who is referring to your competition and to what content. And you may immediately ask yourself why they refer to the competition and not to me. Another thing is that search engines value links to your website and the more links you have from authoritative sites, the better for you.

Link opportunities

The task of opportunity analysis is to find suitable websites to establish cooperation with or to use in some way. You will get a list of specific websites from various fields, where personas move and where it is therefore appropriate to address them for you.

How does referral opportunities analysis help you? 

For example: Let’s say you own a dog food e-shop. There are approximately 1,468 websites dealing with dog issues on the Czech Internet. Of these pages, 893 are active, of which there are 263 pages devoted purely to the description of the characteristic features of individual breeds, and we will address these 263. You will receive a list of 263 URL addresses with contact and a link to social pages, i.e. complete materials for approaching websites with a possible offer of cooperation.
You won’t have to search for any data.

Linkbuilding strategy 

The link-building strategy is based on the outputs of all previous analyses. It contains link-building methods suitable for your specific website. It serves as a comprehensive basis for all link-building activities. How can a link-building strategy help you?

You will receive complete instructions on how to do link building for your website, even without the help of a link builder. In the document, you will find not only know-how but also examples of emails to address and examples of specific websites to address.